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At the time of Addi and Cassis diagnosis, there was no approved treatment for Niemann-Pick, although one drug miglustat, sold as Zavesca was in clinical trials. The Hempels werent scientists, but they poured themselves into research parsing the language of obscure scientific papers they found on the Internet. In December 2007, Chris spotted one in the Journal of Lipid Research. Scientists at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School kept a colony of mice with a version of Niemann-Pick disease. When they were treated with a compound called cyclodextrin, the animals lived nearly twice as long.
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After consulting with their physician — Dr. Caroline Hastings, at Children’s Hospital in Oakland — the Hempels decided they wanted to inject cyclodextrin by infusion, into the spinal fluid. It wouldn’t be simple. Cyclodextrin wasn’t a medicine; the Hempels had to order it from a bulk supplier in Florida and have it mixed and sterilized at a compounding pharmacy. What’s more, you can’t just go into a hospital and inject something new into a patient.
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The patient is recovering well, breathing without a tube and is expected to be able to eat soon, the hospital said. He will need medicines for the rest of his life to prevent rejection of the new face. The Cleveland Clinic did the nation’s first face transplant, in December 2008, led by Dr. Maria Siemionow. She is now at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine and consulted with the Cleveland Clinic on the most recent face transplant, and co-led the operation with Dr. Frank Papay, chairman of the Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Institute at the clinic.
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Parents of twins with Niemann-Pick find a treatment –

The Portfolio is 88% occupied and approximately 86% (11 of the 13 properties) of the portfolios total rentable square footage is located adjacent to the 413-bed Columbus Regional Medical Center (CRMC) and the 219-bed Doctors Hospital, two of Columbus Regional Healthcare Systems (CRHS) short-term acute care hospitals. The Portfolio features a diversified mix of healthcare providers anchored by physician practice groups that are affiliated with CRHS and the Columbus Clinic. CRHS is a market leading healthcare provider with $407 million of in-patient service revenue in 2013. The Columbus Clinic is accredited by the American College of Radiology and is the areas largest multi-specialty clinic providing primary care, specialty physicians, and ancillary services. As part of the transaction, the CRHS-related leases totaling 45% of the overall Portfolios base rental revenue have been renegotiated and extended to 10-year lease terms. The Company has closed on 12 of the 13 buildings, with the final building expected to close by the end of 2014. The total purchase price will be approximately $34.5 million with an anticipated first year unlevered yield of 8.1%.
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