The goal of using dermal fillers is to maintain the natural proportions of the face in order to keep patients looking like themselves.

Many people use the New Year as an excuse to work on themselves and achieve their beauty goals. According to the Wall Street Journal, December is the busiest time for plastic surgeons (1). The holidays facilitate recovery time, as patients are able to “hide out” without arousing suspicion. Additionally, many procedures require patients to stay out of the sun, something that is easier to do during the colder months. However, there are many non-surgical cosmetic procedures that can achieve the same results and restore the face to a more youthful appearance.

During the aging process, the frame of the face tends to “deflate” as bone and fat are lost on certain points of the body. The skin has less to hold on to and begins to move downwards creating tell-tale sagging skin. To combat this, many people feel they need to go under the knife to fix this problem. According to Cynthia Elliott M.D. owner of Skinspirations, a center for cosmetic enhancement devoted to non-surgical aesthetics, this assumption is wrong.

“One of the most efficient ways of getting the look you want while avoiding going under the knife is with the liquid facelift,” advises Dr. Elliott. Through this procedure, patients can achieve the same desired effects of a facelift without the discomfort and lengthy recovery time of surgery. During the liquid facelift dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Radiesse and Restylane are administered via injection to lift and contour facial features. “The goal of using dermal fillers is to maintain the natural proportions of the face in order to keep patients looking like themselves,” says Dr. Elliott. “The same youthful proportions of the face are brought back, the frame is restored and skin is pulled back to its youthful location.”

Liquid facelifts can provide a gentle lift of facial features, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and restore the natural contours of the face. Depending on the client’s goals, the liquid facelift can life the entire face, or focus on contouring specific facial features. For example, bumps on the nose can be hidden or jowls can be lifted.

The downtime for the healing process required after a liquid facelift is minimal. Any injection contains a chance of bruising, however bruises are easily covered up with concealer, and most products used in liquid facelifts do not create swelling. Dr. Elliott advises ceasing the use of aspirin, fish oils, and anti-inflammatory one week before the procedure to prevent bruising. The liquid facelift is easy to maintain, with effect lasting for one to two years, depending on the product.

Dr. Elliott also recommends the following non-surgical beauty tips for younger-looking skin, face, hands and neck:

  •     A healthy glow can go a long way. Maintain the quality of your skin with professional topical skincare products. Even though topical products will not restore the fullness of the face, they will improve the texture & even out the color to make the surface look as young as the underlying frame.
  •     Sun damage is often the first sign of aging people notice, especially in hands – a commonly overlook area during sunscreen application. Be sure to use sunscreen on the neck and hands in addition to the face in order to prevent this tell-tale sign of aging.
  •     Get more benefit from skin care products through microneedling. Ingredients, such as vitamins, are facilitated with penetrating into deeper layers of skin in order to assist with the cell rejuvenation process. Skinspirations uses the SkinPen to deliver this treatment. The pen-like device delivers tiny needle pricks to stimulate collagen and the skin’s natural healing process.
  •     Drink plenty of water. Most people do not consume the recommended eight glasses a day. Proper hydration prevents skin from looking dry and aged.

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About Dr. Cynthia Elliott and Skinspirations:

Cynthia Elliott, M.D., is the board-certified owner of Skinspirations, located in Clearwater, Florida. Dr. Elliott obtained her M.D. from the University of Illinois College of Medicine, and then completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at Denver General Hospital and the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. She has been on staff at Bayfront Medical Center, St. Joseph’s Hospital, University Community Hospital and Mease Countryside Hospital, and has served on the faculty of the USF School of Medicine. Dr. Elliott currently serves as an expert witness in Cosmetic Medicine for the Florida Board of Medicine. Her company, ExpertEsthetics, provides hands on technique training for other practitioners. Dr. Elliott is also a national and international trainer for Cutera Lasers, training other physicians in the use of aesthetic lasers with skin of all colors. Skinspirations specializes exclusively in rejuvenation, enhancement and anti-aging treatments for the face and body. With her staff of aesthetic experts, you know you’ll get the best results obtainable. Dr. Elliott has been in practice for over 20 years, and has the experience and reputation to have been chosen by the makers of Botox® Cosmetic and Juvederm to train other physicians and practitioners in her techniques. For more information, visit

1. Rosman, Katherine. “Happy New Year: The Busiest Season for Cosmetic Surgery.” WSJ. N.p., 29 Dec. 2011. Web. 22 Dec. 2014.

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